Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rocket's Red Glare

Jacob was being the big brother, telling Savannah and Eli all about the 4th of July. "...and when it's dark we'll watch fireworks, and eat popcorn and drink drinks because we always eat popcorn when we watch the fireworks..." I had to smile because I hadn't realized that he remembered that part of our 4th of July celebrations. But it's true. That's a tradition from my childhood that I've carried on into our family now. We have to eat popcorn when we watch fireworks, otherwise it's not quite the full 4th of July experience. Family traditions are good. Traditions make the holiday/experience/celebration much more memorable and meaningful. Whatever it is that your family does every July 4th, do it with gusto! "During these festival days each year, you must explain to your children why you are celebrating. Say to them, 'This is a celebration of what the Lord did for us when we left Egypt.'...After all, it was the Lord who rescued you from Egypt with great power (Exodus 13:8-9)."

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