Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beware of Sminkers and Drokers

I've spent most of the day at the hospital. My husband, Chris, knew he needed to schedule gallbladder surgery, but just hadn't gotten to it yet. Well, after being up all night with increasing pain, he told me he needed to go to the ER this morning. He's already had a procedure where he had a tube down his throat to clean out his bile ducts, and hopefully tomorrow he can get rid of that pesky gallbladder. The kids spent the day at the church daycare (which I'm so grateful for!). Chris has been on some pretty strong pain medication, bless his heart. This morning the nurse was going through the medical history form, asking all kinds of questions, and Chris was getting a little loopy from the medicine in the IV. She got to the part where she asked Chris if he smokes or drinks. Chris slurred, "No. I'm a pastor. That's why I don't smink or droke." I nearly fell out of my chair, my side was hurting so bad!


Courtney said...

hey Girl!! We've been on vacation and have a lot going on here lately. I've missed blogging, but just have not had the energy or thoughts to do it.

I hope you're doing good.

Courtney said...

I totally didn't even read your post earlier. How is Chris doing? Rodney had to have his galbladder taken out about a year ago now.

I'll be praying for you guys. Hope everything is going good.

Liz said...

Chris is sore, tired, and recovering nicely at home. It was a long three days while he was in the hospital. We are so grateful for our sweet church family who have taken such good care of us this week.