Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'm the Aunt of my Nephew...

I was able to keep my 10 month old nephew for the day! As I held him this morning, I gazed into his eyes, and was struck by the thought that I am a part of this little boy's life! He's the only baby of Chris' and my siblings, so he's the very first little baby that I'm related to that I didn't give birth to! Although I saw him once at Christmas, this was the first "long" time I got to spend with him. It was a sweet, special time of bonding. He and Seth are only 3 weeks apart in age, so they will be buddies as they grow up. Seth sucks his thumb and doesn't use a pacifier. Enter the passy-sucking cousin and now it's a whole different story! They spent all morning chasing each other on hands and knees swapping binkies as fast as they could! At lunch, they each thought the other's bottle/sippy cup looked better than their own. This afternoon, as they threw the refrigerator ABC magnets onto the floor, they each wanted the alphabet letter that the other one had. He is such a fun, handsome little boy; I am thrilled that he is my nephew and I am his aunt!

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