Saturday, July 21, 2007

"Picking" a Bear

Savannah was so excited to go to her best friend's birthday party today. The party was at Build-A-Bear; Savannah's never been there before. I explained that she'll watch teddy bears get made - and she'd get to pick one out, too. She was thrilled! On the way into the mall, I started to review "birthday party behavior" with her. "Make sure you tell her 'Happy Birthday', and if you don't know the other girls you can tell them your name and be friends with them, and say 'Thank you for inviting me to the party', and be helpful and sharing,..." Savannah jumped right into the spirit of good manners and birthday parties, "If one of the girls doesn't have any cake I can share my frosting with her, right Mama? And we don't pick our noses at birthdays!" Right, Savannah. I think you've got the idea!

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