Monday, July 9, 2007

Having cake and eating it, too!

Have you ever noticed how you eat? Do you catch a little of everything on your fork and let all the flavors meld together in one bite? Or do you eat a bite of this then a bite of that? I'm one of those wierd people who eats all of one thing and then moves on to the next. And I always save the yummiest pile on my plate for last. My husband eats the best first, but I like to get the "yucky" over with and leave the table with the good taste in my mouth. So if we're having fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and mac & cheese for supper, I'm going to eat the beans first and finish with the mac & cheese! The only thing that my system doesn't account for is a big family of hungry children! If one of the kids wanders over at a church dinner and asks to sit in my lap and eat off my plate, what's left on my plate is the ambrosia salad and coconut pie! Now I will sacrifice anything for my children - I love them with all my heart - but if I had only foreseen this coming, I could have switched my eating habits and eaten the dessert first!

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