Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Mudpie Heaven

I glance up just in time to see Eli smear a big handful of sand all over his chest. He grins and goes back to stomping in the puddle he just made by pouring Savannah's bucket of water out. Savannah runs back to the lake's edge to refill her bucket. Jacob is in the water with Chris, playing shark while his big black inflatable ring helps him feel brave. Seth takes it all in while he downs a bottle of apple juice sitting in the shade of his stroller. The innocence of children discovering the world they live in. The head-to-toe discovery of dirt, water, sand, rocks and all the wonderful ways to play with them. Creative juices are flowing...artwork and architecture are the result. So bring on the dirty clothes (shout it out!) and the grimy hands (lots of wet wipes). This is the life!

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