Wednesday, March 4, 2009


It’s ping pong with a kiss. The love pong, that is. A great website that Elisabeth and I discovered last year. It’s a fun quirky way to strengthen the communication skills between couples. The concept is very simple. Both of you sign up and then one of you will receive an assignment by email. Each assignment seeks to help improve on how you communicate and/or how to communicate on particular topics. Along the way, you can click on highlighted words that give extra counsel on how to understand the art of communication better. After you’ve completed your assignment, an email will be sent to notify your pooh-bear. And then your sweet-tart will have a chance to respond to what you’ve said. Once your lovey-dovey has had the chance to read and respond to what you‘ve shared, the assignment is complete. You can either move on to the next assignment (which will be emailed to your little pumpkin) or keep the communication going as much as you like on the current subject. This back and forth (like ping pong, thus the name, love pong) is a great way to learn to communicate and have fun at the same time. We highly recommend it.

So, check it out and love pong away. By the way, it’s your serve Elisabeth…my little dandelion.

Guest Post by Chris

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