Thursday, March 5, 2009


I think I am physically dyslexic.

I frequently have to stick up both my hands to see which one forms the "L" for left, to remind myself which side is left or right. As long as I'm confessing, I might as well add that I still sing the ABC's to alphabetize things; but that doesn't have anything to do with my physical dyslexia.

I realized my dyslexia issue tonight. At the kickboxing class at the gym. It was my first kickboxing class; I was excited. We started out with the loud music and the instructor hollering out the commands. "March in place." This was easy. He showed us newbies the few punches and kicks that we would encounter. I could do this. "Right jab". So far, so good. "Right jab, left hook." Oh, yeah! "Right, left, left knee." I'm gettin' the rhythm, baby. "Right, left, left knee, right kick; Super Power!" Uh, oh. My knee was kicking when everyone else was jabbing. My left hook was going hard and fast while everyone else is right side-kicking.

I looked like a flailing monkey.

I couldn't keep my right and left straight. I couldn't remember if arms meant legs or legs meant arms.

But I'm going back next week. It was fun despite my appendage entanglement. And I think this class can teach me a thing or two!


Thomas said...

You come by it honestly. Me too: on everything! Mom

Kirby said...

So much for all those "at least I'm in my right mind" jokes! The two lefties... *shakes head*