Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Veggie Webs

Last night I finished up some quilting and put away all my quilting tools, but left the sewing machine set up on the sewing cabinet (in the living room) so it would be convenient to sit down later on and sew again. Fast forward to this morning... I am helping Jacob get a few things together for his new memory box, when a giggling Elijah zips past me. Out of instinct, I reach out and snag him - then I see why he's so giddy with happiness. He has pulled the thread from my sewing machine and gone twice around the loop of living room/dining room/kitchen, hooked the thread around the recliner, fireplace, and back to the kitchen to entangle the exersaucer! My 2 year old son has effectively spider-webbed the house in the space of @ 15-20 seconds.

At lunch we had a bowl of raw vegetables. Of course, Eli asks for a tree. Chris hands him one while I gently explain that it's called broccoli. Eli looks right in my eyes and declares, "It IS bwoccwi, but it IS a wee (tree)." He holds his "tree" with both hands and asks, "Wheere is da buhd (bird)?" No birds, Eli. It's broccoli. Eat it. He points to a spot on top of his "tree". "Dere (There) is da baby buhd." Good grief. Next he lines up 5 pieces of cauliflauer (also trees). Now he looks up and says, "Aftah da monkey eats da wees, he will eat a dabbot (carrot). I a monkey. Ooo ooo ahh ahh!"

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