Thursday, August 23, 2007

Supper in the Dark

It's been so hot around here - between 95 and 105 for the last several weeks. Well, the other day, one of those big afternoon thunderstorms that come in August blew through right at suppertime. I was cooking "breakfast" for dinner; the grits and fried potatoes were halfway cooked and I was going to make the scrambled eggs as soon as the potatoes were done. Enter the storm and the power is OFF. So I kept the lids on the grits and potatoes so they could finish cooking with whatever heat is left in the burners, and pawed through the refrigerator for something more to accompany the meal (since we couldn't have eggs now). At the same time, the kids are frantically digging through toys to find their flashlights and Chris is getting candles out. We sit down to have a candlelight supper - and tell scary stories... We each take a turn. Chris tells about when he was a boy on a camping trip and saw a hooded figure crossing a bridge at night. Jacob tells about a skeleton wearing a ghost costume (as if a skeleton by itself isn't scary enough!). Savannah elaborates on Jacob's story. Eli tells about a monster biting in the closet. And I tell the legend of the deranged camel that only comes out during thunderstorms, and if it gets close to you, you might disappear! We had a great memory making time! And the power came back on right after supper was done!

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