Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Seth's 2nd Birthday Party

Isn't it nice to be the birthday boy and get to lick the frosting spatula?

The boy loves a train. I always tried to teach my kids to call things what they are named, not by their sounds. But, alas, I have failed. Seth had a "choo-choo" birthday party.

Yes, Chris and I gave him the chalkboard. What were we thinking? Before the night was up, there was evidence of chalk happiness on doorknobs and carpet...

Clearly, blowing candles out is paramount. Seth has been practicing blowing. It's a hard thing to do - blow 2 whole candles out - but oh, the satisfaction when the deed is done!


Kirby and Annie said...

Looks like a lovely birthday party. You did a great job making a little boy very happy.

Caroline said...

Your little guy and mine are right about the same age. Wesley turned two on Oct. 3rd. Happy Birthday Seth!