Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hungry for Popcorn?

Just because I'm a really good mom...

Here's an email that Jacob typed out all by himself this afternoon:

Dear Family and Friends,
Hi ! This is Jacob Hilliard. I am selling popcorn with my cub scout pack. I am a wolf cub
this year. I like being a cub scout because we make useful things and learn to be a good man. You can help me and support cub scouts by purchasing popcorn from Be sure to use my order key: TERYS7X so I get credit for the sale.
p.s.You can also send popcorn to our military troops on this website.

So if you feel like eating some delicious popcorn, or just feeling extra charitable, head over to and do some browsing. These could make some great birthday, Christmas, secret sister or other kinds of presents as well... I'm thinking the 5-Way Chocolate Lover's or the Caramel & Peanuts is looking especially good; I think my tummy is starting to growl!


John said...

nowai!! I don't believe that he typed that all by himself...

he's totally going to be an engineer ^_^

Your link doesn't work though! O.O

Liz said...

Noway!! Just chalk it up to mush brain; the link works now!
And, yep, he did type that all by himself - took about 45 minutes or so... :-)