Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hooked On Phonics...

Elijah and Seth are sitting at the dining room table diligently coloring/scribbling in their coloring books. Eli asks if doesn't his deer look real, seeing as he's colored it all brown. I answer in the affirmative. Suddenly, Jacob comes bounding in the room waving a white sheet of paper. "MOMMY!" (All afternoon he's been reading in his Wolf Cub Scout book and doing activities by himself.) "There's something I can do from my book! I can draw a skee-nee!"
A what?
"A skee-nee, you know, like a background!" He flips open the book and reads, "Draw, paint, or color a scene for a skit, play, or puppet show."

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Kirby and Annie said...

You just wait until he runs into the words "Arabs" and "Europeans" in print before he hears them said.