Thursday, June 5, 2008


The kids' bags are all packed, the floors are scrubbed, and all that's left to do is get me and Chris packed as well. Savannah has been counting down the night-nights for the last week and a half till the day all the kids get to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house for seven days! Now it's just one more night-night away; I don't think she can wait that long! Jacob is planning to work in Grandpa's garden, then play in the dirt pile, then play with legos, then play with the toys in the cabinet. Eli is just plain excited because everyone else is! We've never left Seth before for overnight, so this will be a big deal for him...and me!
Tomorrow we take the kids to my parents' house 4 hours away, then come back late at night. Saturday morning, Chris and I will fly out to our denomination's yearly convention. Our anniversary comes while we are out there, so I'll probably order dessert for supper that night. I'm so looking forward to this trip; plus, with the new baby on the way, I doubt there will be very many chances in the near future for just the two of us to get away by ourselves. Not that the convention is a vacation... Ha! We will be very busy in meetings from dawn till night, and rushing to get meals in between. There are some important discussions and decisions that will be happening during the convention. I consider it such a privilege to be involved and pray that God will get the glory in everything.

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Caroline said...

Hey Elisabeth, its Caroline from CWR days. I've been checking in fairly regularly, but never commented until now. Have fun on your trip, and happy anniversary. BTW, congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm sure you are quite busy, but having loads of fun! Take care! Check us out at