Thursday, November 6, 2008

Allergy Update

Yesterday we loaded up the whole family and took a trip to the pediatric allergist two hours away. I know that's a long ways, and there are allergists here where we live, but where we go is at the forefront in pediatric allergy research and discovery, and I kind of like having access to the top allergists in the nation - especially when it's my kids I'm concerned about. :) This was Eli's third yearly visit. He had his annual skinprick test for dairy, eggs, and peanuts. He's still just as allergic as ever. Poor little guy! We will get his bloodwork results next week to see if his allergy levels are on the rise or decline.
Eli was "the strongest and bravest" when they took his blood. He only cried a little bit, and he told Chris that he was going to look in Chris' eyes when the nurses were sticking him if he needed to cheer up. He was very offended and worried when he realized they actually took blood out of him - until Chris told him that his body would make some more blood.
Since Seth has been such a wierdo with knowing what and if he's allergic to anything (last year, we took him to a local allergy Dr. who was not very thorough), we had him tested as well. He is allergic to eggs and borderline to peanuts, according to the skin test. The dairy was negative. However, the skinprick test is 90-95% accurate, so we will wait until we get his bloodwork results next week to truly celebrate!
It took 4 people (me and 3 nurses) to hold him down to get his blood drawn. Dude, that kid is strong! It is a sad thing to be the traitor holding him down with a needle aiming at his arm. He was calling for his Daddy by the end. Afterwards, I gave him a sucker and then he liked me again.
I'm sure we looked pretty funny, 5 kids and 2 parents crowded into the Dr.'s office. But at least we only have to go once a year...


Kirby and Annie said...

LOL! You ARE a traitor - mean mommy. Good move on the sucker, though. Its a bummer that Seth and Elijah look like they are sharing allergies, but does it help a little that at least they are the same allergies and they don't each have different ones?

Anonymous said...

Hey Elisabeth...I tagged you...look at my blog to see what I mean...I will not be offended in the least if you don't want to do it!!!!
Love you!