Thursday, April 3, 2008

Virii (Viruseses)

Disclaimer: This post is not for the weak of stomach.

I have not abandoned blog; we have just had all manner of viruses at our house. Starting with Seth, it was the all night long, exhausting, rubbing baby's back and whispering "it's okay" while he wails and heaves in the toilet. That's after puking all over the crib and all the carpet on the way to the toilet. And all over my hair.
Several days later, the computer gets hit with a mean virus that it is still recovering from.
A week later, Jacob and Savannah wake up in the middle of the night sick to their stomachs. There's nothing like two kids throwing up in the middle of the night at the exact same time. Poor little Savannah thought she might have to go to the hospital. When I explained that she didn't need the hospital, she just needed to get better, she wished she could be someone else. Because being someone else would mean not being sick.
Two days ago, Eli woke up in the middle of the night with his turn in the sickroom (bathroom). In all of the kids' cases, this has been a puke for 12 hours, recover for 12 hours virus. So today, when Eli told me he needed to throw up, I thought about fainting as visions of endless cycles of stomach virus being passed back and forth for the next few months flashed through my brain. Then Eli giggled. Rascal.
Our house smells like Lysol, and Chris and I have washed our hands after each time we touched a kid or something that a kid touched. The computer virus even made it into Chris' sermon. Afterwards, Jacob commented that when people are born, they have a virus written on their hearts. But then, when people ask Jesus into their hearts, Jesus cleans the virus off and puts New writing there. (How does he come up with this stuff?) But I have to agree with him. That is exactly what happens. And you know, it feels so good to get cleaned up after having nasty virus all over.

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