Sunday, February 17, 2008

Silverware Drawer

Right now at my house, the laundry pile has been waging war with me, and I am clearly losing in the battle. I have done innumerable loads this week, and the pile has only climbed higher. I know, statistically speaking, if you take clothes off a laundry pile (to wash them) the pile should get smaller, but that does not take into account the amount of clothes and linens that 4 children can go through in a single day. All this to say that, though there are various piles of clothes scattered around the house in different stages of the laundry process, there may not be too much selection in the individual drawers of a certain little boy named Eli.
This morning, after Eli had his shower, I helped him get some underwear from the basket of clean unfolded laundry in my room. "Now, Eli, go get a shirt and some pants from your dresser." And off he ran, only to return moments later, with a very distressed look. He had his elephant shirt in hand..."But Mommy, there's only silverware in my pants drawer", he wailed.
Silverware? How can this be? Then a dawning of understanding... Elijah has forgotten the word for "overalls". And he does not want to wear overalls with the elephant shirt. That clearly contradicts the 3 year old's fashion sense.

*Eli does have to wear the silverware overalls, but he wears a different shirt under them. That makes everything better.


Anonymous said...

So cute, Elisabeth! I identify with the laundry dilemma; I currently have two baskets full of dirty clothes, one of clean that need to be folded, and the dryer is full of clean, dry clothes:) There used to be a time when I would wash, dry, fold, and put away ALL the laundry in one day (before the babies).....those days are gone forever I'm afraid:)

Anonymous said...

Oh, quit your crying ladies. If you spent as much time on the laundry as you do blogging and whining you might get things done. By the way, is dinner done yet? I'm starved. Can you iron this shirt I need for work? Why isn't the floor vacuumed yet? Is that dust on my dresser? What's going one here...

Hee, hee. Just kidding. I live in high admiration for you wives and mothers.