Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hair Slick

I will probably have to refill the prescription eczema ointment for Elijah this week. It comes in a large tub; this morning, there was still about an inch-worth left in the tub. Now the tub is empty. But, don't worry, if Seth had eczema on his head, it would be well treated.
That's because Elijah (who else) had an eczema ointment spree in his room this afternoon. (If you don't know what eczema ointment is, think medicated vaseline.) When I caught him, Eli had already spread a nice thick layer all over Seth's hair, the big stuffed horse, his bed and several toys. We had to be at church in 15 minutes, so I quickly gave both boys a bath - washing Eli's hair once and Seth's hair 4 times. Then I gave up and went to church. Later on this evening, we had to wash Seth's hair with dishwashing detergent - cuts the grease! It worked. I asked Eli why he put the cream on Seth's hair. Elijah replied, "Beduz I want him wook wike a man." So if you see any men with vaseline coated hair, could you please tell them they are a bad example for my son? "Then Samuel took a flask of oil and poured it on his head,... (1 Samuel 10:1)"

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