Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sweet Dreams

I was reminded of why I love being a mom this evening during bedtime. Eli had already been tucked in bed and I was sitting on the edge of his bed nursing Seth. It's thunderstorming outside and Eli starts talking in a quiet voice. "What dat noise, mommy?" That's thunder, sweetheart. God is watering the grass and trees and flowers so they can grow. "Oh, mommy. And the duht is dwinking too, mommy?" Yes, Eli. "I want doe (go) yee (see) it." You can't, Eli. It's night-night time. "Oh, mommy. I wike da moon. Can me hode (hold) da moon?" No sweetheart, it's too far away. But it's pretty to look at, isn't it? "Yeah, mommy. Is dere doo (two) muh-hers (monsters) in my woom?" No, Eli, there's no monsters in here. There's only Eli, and Seth, and mommy. "Oh, mommy. I want doe (go) weep (sleep) now." Okay, Eli. Night-night. I love you.

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