Monday, June 18, 2007

Grass clippings in my food!

So we are sitting down enjoying a peaceful supper of spaghetti...Seth (9 months) is emitting ear-piercing yelps whenever he catches sight of Daddy's hat on Daddy's head who happens to be sitting directly opposite of him...Elijah (2 years) has inhaled his first plateful and is clamoring for more before I've even lifted my fork...Savannah (4 years) is busy twirling the same forkful of noodles over and over and over because they keep sliding off her fork...and then Jacob (6 years) asks the question that brings a complete pause to the scene, "Do you always have to put mulch in?" Uhhh..."mulch?", I say, desperately thinking through the last conversation to see if I can connect some context to the question. "Yeah, mulch. In the spaghetti." He holds up a "twig" of tarragon. OHHH! Now I am enlightened - 6 year old boys would much rather have non-spiced spaghetti sauce!

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