Thursday, April 2, 2009

Old Fogey

This morning as we were eating our breakfast of (what else) frosted mini-wheats, Jacob was reading the milk jug label. "Hunter Farms... is that the name of the farm this milk came from?"
I said, "That would be my guess."
Then ensued a discussion between Jacob, Savannah and Eli about how farmers milk cows - Jacob said, "City farmers use a machine that hook onto the ..."
Savannah interrupts, "the milk thingies!" as she points to her belly.
"Udders, Savannah," I correct.
Jacob continues, "Yeah, they hook on there and it milks the cow. Country farmers milk the cow the old fashioned way."
Eli giggles, "But the fahmahs have to be vewy gentle. Or the cows might kick like on That's So Raven."
Jacob goes for the first hand experience, "Mommy, what does it feel like to milk a cow?"
"I don't know, Jacob, I've never milked a cow before."
Disbelief around the table.
"What do you mean, you've never milked a cow?! I thought you grew up in the old know, like in the 90's. Hey, Eli, back then the cars didn't have any curves like our cars do. Cars back then had all corners. I'll draw you a picture after breakfast so you can know what they looked like."

I hate to admit it, but yes, if the 90's are the old days, I am an old fogey.


Kirby said...

LOL! I thought you milked a cow at the State Fair once? I didn't, but I thought everyone else did. And yeah - you old fogey you. Just don't tell them that you were pretty much already done growing up by the time the 90's rolled around....

Anonymous said...

Well, this old fogey has really milked a cow the country way and the city way. It's very soft and fuzzy feeling sorta like a dog's tail. And the city way, well the machine just latches on and goes to work. I think the cows like the old country way, it's way more personal. And that way you and the cow have bonding time!!

Grandma Reta