Friday, September 12, 2008

In Jacob's Words

Every week in Spelling, Jacob has to write a journal entry on a specific topic. This week his assignment was to write about his family...

Savannahs favrite number is five and she likes to play. Her favrite coler is pink. Her favrite aninal is a butterfly.
Jacob helps Seth wen he crys and I am graet. I hlep my cibleans play. I am tall.
Elijh is three. Elijh is scarde. He has more booboos then us but he is stil speshel. His favrite coler is yellow. Elijhs fast.
Seth is one. Seth is fun. He is a love boy. He is some one you just cant stay mad at.
Momy is prity and nice. Her favrite coler is pink.
Daddy is paster. I like how he preachis. He is good at it. It is wunderful. He is strong. I love him.

Jacob made 100% on his spelling test today. "Favorite", "color", and "siblings" were not on his spelling list for this week. Just for the record.

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Anonymous said...

Nothing written about his awesome grandparents I see. Hmmm, does Jacob know how close Christmas is!!?? Ha Ha!

Grandma Reta is very proud of Jacob!!