Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Book Worms

Something that Chris and I used to do when we were first married was read a book together right before we went to bed. We've read different kinds of books, the last being a book on baby names when we were expecting our first. As babies started coming on the scene, our bedtime ritual was "out the window". Now, we grabbed every spare minute for sleep - and if we even tried to read a page or two, we'd fall asleep before we could finish. So now, 7 years after the last book, we are going to try to revive the book reading before bedtime tradition. (Chris just peaked over my shoulder and said that a couple of years ago we did read a book together; I don't remember.) So the book we are going to start is Captured by Grace by David Jeremiah. I have always enjoyed listening to his radio show, but have never read one of his books until now. If you would also like to read this book, Chris is giving one away on his blog. Just go to A18Mission and sign up. He's doing the drawing the middle of next week. I'd love it if a reader from my blog wins this book!


The Pastor of a Small Rural Church said...

What a neat practice!! I think that would be a wonderful thing to do together. Hmmmmm....... we'll have to work on that!!


Anonymous said...

We used to read the same books, but now our interest in books is different. I still tell him about what is going on in my books. That's a great way to spend time together. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Hi! Great idea...Bob and I have also enjoyed reading books together. When we were younger and had children at home, I would read a book in the car on vacation, one that was interesting to all but often a children's award-winning book. We still talk about those books from time to time when we all get together. It was great fun and created lasting family memories. Good to hear from you! We are teaching a marriage class on Wed. nights, one of the highlights of our week. At least one of the "old gang" couples from when you were in our Nearly and Newly Wed SS class is in the group, John and Staci S...they now have two young sons. It's good to see you're doing well and you look great, too! I tried to sign up for the book drawing, but I don't have a URL/ no web page yet, so couldn't get to where I could leave him a message. Tell Chris hello.
Debbie Cardinal

Anonymous said...

Hey Debbie!
I signed you up. If you don't have a url, you can just put in your email address (with http:// in front of it) and that will do. If you win, I'll post it on my site.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elisabeth! It is so great to hear from you. I understand what you went through with lack of time to read. Right now with working full time, being in school, two kids and coaching one of their soccer teams, free time sounds like a dream. Anyway, just wanted to say that I can't wait to hear more from you!
Cousin Jenny

Anonymous said...

Hi Elizabeth,
I love your blog website. I signed up on Pastor Chris's blog, but I wanted to let you know also that I love the idea of reading a book together. Noel and I share our devotion and prayer time everyday and this would be a great addition. You are an inspiration to all the ladies in our church.
In Him,

A Place For Ministry Wives/A Place For Me said...

Great marriage idea! Good stuff!