Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Home On The Range

Here I sit, munching on Christmas cookies, wondering how to encapsulate the entire holiday celebrations into a single blog post. Onto my fifth cookie, and I decide it can't be done. Suffice it to say, we had 3 separate Christmas gifts give-out occasions, 4 terribly excited and jubilant children, a 20 pound turkey gobbled, a double recipe huge pot of chili gone in one sitting, an entire red velvet cake and an entire banana cake inhaled, 4 grandparents, 1 aunt, 2 uncles, 1 great-grandma, 1 dog, 5 trips to the mall, 3 power outages, 1 New Year's eve countdown (Savannah stayed up till 10:30 and Jacob made it all the way till midnight!), 2 teeth lost, and 9 days worth of family visiting crammed into merely 8 days!
Now I am digging my way out to see what's been going on in the world. Except that I am too tired to stay up to watch the news. Now I stick my arm out the door to find out what the weather is instead of being prepared by seeing the forecast the night before. I find that it is a good enough trade-off to expose my arm to the elements for a few seconds and get an extra 30 minutes of sleep the night before. Peace and quiet are a welcome song in the evenings. Why is it that the favorite Christmas toys are the noisy toys?! Jacob's favorite present is the harmonica we stuck in his stocking. The last few days he has been a cowboy playing the harmonica out on the range. I'm sure all the cattle within earshot are happy he got that harmonica for Christmas. You know, come to think of it, I bet the stable where Jesus was born wasn't very quiet either. I doubt there were any harmonicas there, but the cattle were lowing, right? Ever hear more than one cow mooing? And we know there were sheep because there were shepherds. You know how loud sheep are? Just think about the sheep on the movie Babe..."Bah ram you" over and over. And maybe there was a donkey, or a chicken or two. There might have even been a rooster. I'm starting to feel for Mary, poor lady, trying to get some rest after giving birth without any epidural. And Joseph, trying to care for Mary and his newborn baby - you know how men are around newborn babies! (Except for Chris who is extremely awesome with our babies. In fact, it was a week before I ever changed our first baby's diaper because he took care of them!) And then there was baby Jesus. A little baby lying right in the middle of the manger. You know what a manger is, right? The feeding trough for animals. Those hungry animals coming around their manger, and there was a baby lying right in there. I bet they made a fuss. All I've got to say is it's a good thing kids like noise!

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Courtney said...

Hey Elisabeth! How have you been doing? I been out of the loop for so long. I'm trying to get caught back up with everybody!